59 percent of Americans are sick and tired of the election

From The Washington Post:

There are over 110 days until the November election, give or take a few hours. But a majority of Americans have already had enough of it: In a recent Pew survey of 4,602 American adults, 59 percent said they feel “worn out by so much coverage of the campaign and candidates.”

It’s hard to blame them. The 2016 campaign seemed to kick off right around when the votes were tallied in 2012. And when we finally put this year’s election to bed on Nov. 8, all we have to look forward to is 2020 election coverage, which will begin on approximately Nov. 9.

Actually, scratch that last bit — the 2020 campaign is already upon us.

Majorities of every demographic group surveyed by Pew are already exhausted by the election: 54 percent of seniors and 67 percent of millennials. Sixty-two percent of women and 56 percent of men. Sixty-two percent of whites and 54 percent of nonwhites. Nearly identical proportions of Republicans (54 percent) and Democrats (55 percent).

Americans aren’t exhausted because they don’t care or aren’t interested — in fact, it could be because they care about this election too much. Pew’s polling shows that record-high numbers of Americans (80 percent) say they’ve thought about this election “a lot” — fewer than half of Americans said the same about the 2000 election, for instance.

Similarly, a record-high percentage (74 percent) of Americans say that when it comes to making progress on the important issues facing this country, it really matters who wins this election. Again, back in 2000, just 50 percent thought that.

Pew’s polling also shows that 77 percent of Americans say this election is “interesting.” Four years ago, only 39 percent of Americans said the same.

Much of this interest …

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