A transcript of Hillary Clinton’s interview with the Washington Post on economic policy

From The Washington Post:

The Washington Post’s Jim Tankersley interviewed Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president, for 24 minutes on the phone on June 21. This is the full transcript of their interview, which Tankersley conducted from Washington and Clinton conducted from Columbus, Ohio.

Tankersley: I wanted to start with a question from the last time that we talked when you were in Ohio, in 2006, when I was a reporter for the Toledo Blade and you were doing an event for Sherrod Brown. I asked you about the economy and what we needed to do even then. And you said, “We’ve got to get back to Clinton economic policies” – balanced budgets; spending cuts; sensible, affordable tax policies. I wanted to start by asking, what do Clinton economic policies mean today, and how have they changed in the last 10 or so years?

Clinton: Well Jim I think the first point to make is that we’ve got to look at how we create more good jobs and raise incomes for the future. And there are some lessons that can be learned from prior administrations, my husband’s and others, and from this administration, that would give us some guideposts about what we have to do. We may have worked our way back from the Great Recession and created 14 million new private-sector jobs – I think that’s an American success story we don’t talk about enough – but we still face a lot of headwinds, a lot of historic challenges and global forces that we’ve got to come to grips with.

We’re being buffeted by powerful forces that are different from, or more intense than they were in the 90s: advances in technology, the …

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