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We are a small team of independent journalists and new aficionados which have more than a mild distaste for the clutter of most News sites. Our mission is to bring you the most-relevant  news to your interests, location, and time-zone, all while doing so in a light-weight presentation that is very enjoyable to use.

Forget the bloat, forget the clutter, forget the impossibly cluttered presentation of many major news outlets. The display in such manner exemplifies their propensity of cluttering the truth as well. From clutter comes clutter, and we hold the opposite to be true as well; from simplicity comes simplicity. While we may present you with complex topics, we strive to do so in such a straight-forward manner as to help you focus on the important part—the information!

One of the many ways that we work to reduce the bloat of this site, to provide you with as streamlined of an experience as possible, is by using affiliate advertising from several of our advertising partners. These affiliate offers will be shown to you throughout our site in the form of links, email offers, and most commonly display ads on our web pages. In essence, this is no different than the advertising you are used to on most websites. Our unique partnership programs allow us to deliver ads from companies that we know and trust, rather than simply offering a section of our website real estate to the highest bidder. We take pride in our ability to keep off inferior products, and if you ever see an ad that you find offensive, or selling a product you know to be inferior, please contact us by email: advertising@articleblotter.com. By law we are require to inform you about the individual companies that we have partnered with. We feel that this is a wonderfully transparent policy, and maintain an ongoing record of these partnerships which can be found here: Affiliate Advertiser  Disclosures

We aren’t a big site, we don’t have a lot of employees. Our souls retained; we love to engage with our readers, getting as much feedback as possible! Have a question? You can use our easy submission form on our Contact page, drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, or simply send an email to info@articleblotter.com.


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