As Trump Tours Flood-Ravaged La., White House Announces Obama’s Going, Too

From NPR:

Here was the White House’s statement released Friday afternoon:

The president has been on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard and has faced some criticism for not visiting Louisiana. A Louisiana newspaper, The Advocate, wrote in an editorial:

The Democratic governor of the state, John Bel Edwards, though, has said he has no problem with the president not having visited or the federal response.

“I’m not complaining in any way about our federal partnership,” Edwards said in a news conference Thursday.

The president signed a Louisiana disaster declaration five days ago, making federal funding available for the parishes of East Baton Rouge, Livingston, St. Helena and Tangipahoa.

He added that a potential presidential trip could divert needed first-responder resources. “Quite frankly, that’s not something I want to go through right now,” the governor said. “I would just as soon he wait a week or two. And then he can visit.”

Edwards said he welcomed Trump to Louisiana, but said in a statement that Trump had not informed him of the trip and was critical of a potential “photo op.”

“Instead, we hope he’ll consider volunteering or making a sizable donation to the LA Relief Fund to help the victims of this storm,” a statement from Edwards’ office read.

Trump has not indicated if he would make such a donation. While in Louisiana Friday, Trump — in a blazer, khakis and a white Make America Great Again hat — was videotaped passing out supplies from a truck.

“It’s a great place,” Trump said. “I’ve had a great history with Louisiana. They need a lot of help. What’s happened here is incredible. Nobody understands how bad it is. I’m just here to help.”

He added at an event in Michigan this evening: “To the people of Louisiana, we are with you and will always …

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