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Proper nutrition can be hard to manage in today’s world of sub-par food options, especially if you live on-the-go. Fortunately, you can often times make up the difference by proper nutritional supplementation with vitamins and other natural compounds such as Calcium, Magnesium, or Fish Oil. There are many supplement manufacturers that have been shown to sell products that contain many extra ingredients, added fillers, and sometimes completely leaving out the main ingredient!

Fortunately, there are manufacturers considered by Doctors to produce pharmaceutical grade supplements—with pure ingredients, rigorous quality control, and often independently verified to be as-advertised. More than just a marketing slogan—pharmaceutical grade is a rigidly-governed classification of manufacturing practices required by the FDA—and manufacturers must take extraordinary measures to meet these guidelines. These brands offer a tremendous advantage for those seeking to boost their health, providing access to comprehensive nutrition with the least possible risk of exposure to unwanted compounds.

Some of the unique features of these professional supplement brands are their lack of toxic residue from production, use of organic ingredients, lack of GMO ingredients or pesticides, and a minimal amount of extra ingredients. Sometimes, ingredients such as vegetable cellulose is used to create the capsules—and will appear on the label. These types of ingredients are perfectly natural, and are sourced and processed under the same strict guidelines that the active ingredients are. These brands will also be free of Gluten, Soy, Nuts, Fish, Shellfish, Dairy, Wheat, and many other common allergens.

Professional supplement brands [dont have] toxic residue from production, use of organic ingredients, lack of GMO ingredients or pesticides, and a minimal amount of extra ingredients

Products such as Fish Oil, or Lactobaccillus Probiotics will sometimes contain one of these major allergens, but they are required by law to be clearly listed on the label. These products are also produced on specialized manufacturing equipment, and will not share the same manufacturing facility as products containing these allergens. Larger companies, such as store brands, are often unable to offer this extra degree of purity.

Pure Supplements to Support Natural Balance

With the growing awareness that something is bad wrong with the world’s health, more and more people are using vitamins and supplements to help treat such conditions as obesity, menopause, depression, anxiety, food intolerance, Celiac’s Disease, and many, many more chronic health conditions. Many of the factors standing accused of contributing to this global health crisis, such as GMO foods, synthetic food additives, and toxic residues are still found in many supplements that people turn to as alternatives to failing conventional treatments.

It’s unfortunate that such omissions of labeling are allowed to take place, but corporate interests run strong and often successfully lobby in opposition of shifting towards more transparent labeling regulations. For reasons such as these, it is important to know which manufacturers you can trust, and which ones offer pharmaceutical grade supplements approved for clinical use by many doctors. These manufacturers make up a short list, but are quickly growing to meet a rising demand from consumers for a better option.

There are more companies that offer these types of high-quality, ultra-pure products than those listed below; these are the top brands of pharmaceutical grade, doctor-trusted supplement manufacturers. I have personally taken products from each and every one of these manufacturers, and can attest to their quality, potency, and purity. To get a fuller understanding of the considerations made when qualifying a supplements as “pharmaceutical grade,” check out our article Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements.

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