Bill Clinton Turned 70 Last Week. Here Are 5 Moments That Defined His Career

From NPR:

Nothing has represented Clinton’s legacy more than the Clinton foundation, but questions about potential conflicts of interest — as well as Clinton’s use of a private email server — have been a nagging thorn in the side of Clinton’s presidential run.

Here’s a look back at the highlights — and lowlights — of Bill Clinton’s career.

At just 27, Bill Clinton decided to challenge an incumbent Republican congressman in Arkansas. He lost that race but he learned a lot of tricks of the trade when it came to fundraising. He ended up bringing in $20,000 more than his experienced opponent. This is where the Clintons laid the groundwork for a fundraising network that would assist them for the next 40 years.

In 1976, Clinton ran for state attorney general and won by a landslide, taking 56 percent of the vote against his two other candidates — Clarence Cash and George Jernigan Jr.

Two years later, Clinton was elected governor of Arkansas. He would be tested again when he lost re-election in 1980. He had take a hard look in the mirror to resurrect his political career and did so in 1982 by winning another term at the governorship. It is what might have been the most critical moment in propelling his political career. Clinton, of course, would win the moniker “Comeback Kid” during the 1992 presidential primary 10 years later. He lost the Iowa caucuses badly, but came in a close second in New Hampshire, earning him the nickname.

Seventeen years after Clinton won his first office, he was elected president. Known for his charm and charisma, Clinton was a popular president even with the scandals of the ’90s (more on that below). And he’s been particularly popular among African-Americans. As Danielle Kurtzleben reported:

Clinton got the moniker “first black president” …

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