BleachBit Guy Pleads The 5th Over Hillary’s Attempt At “Covering Up Some Shady Shit”

From Zero Hedge:

Three people appeared before the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee this morning to testify in regards to their involvement in the Hillary email scandal.  Two of those individuals, Paul Combetta (the “oh shit” guy) and Bill Thornton, were from Platte River Networks, the Denver-based IT business chosen to maintain Hillary’s email server after she resigned as Secretary of State.  The third individual was Justin Cooper, the Bill Clinton aide who originally set up Hillary’s private email address. 

Both of the Platte River Networks executives took the 5th but only after Committee Chairman, Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), asked about the following email exchange between Combetta and another undisclosed PRN staff member which was sent on 8/19/15:

Wondering how we can sneak an email in now, after the fact, asking them [the Clinton camp] when they told us to cut the backups and have them confirm it for our records.  Starting to think this whole thing is really covering up some shady shit.  I just think if we have it in writing that they told us to cut the backups then we can go public with our statement saying we’ve had the backup since day one when we were told to trim to 30 days would make us look a whole lot better.” 

We assume the “30-days” reference was made in regards to Hillary’s decision to cut her email retention policy after providing “all” of her “work-related” emails to the State Department.

Video of Combetta’s testimony can be viewed here.

Video of the full hearing can be viewed here.


But again folks, there’s no fire…just a whole lot of “shady shit“…


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