Bushite neocons call Trump “dangerous”, Now who blew up Iraq?

From Against Crony Capitalism:


Whether Trump is “dangerous” is an open question. It is not for us to say. Mr. Trump is not terribly diplomatic that is for sure. He seems prone to bluster and posturing, 2 traits which are not always the best thing for a commander in chief. So maybe he is dangerous. However many of the Republicans on this list are the same war hawks who prosecuted the deeply failed Bush foreign policy. So…?

The neocons feared Rand Paul because Rand would have sent them to the woodshed. The Bushites would have been all but vanquished. Now they’re afraid that their school of foreign policy, a very activist and expensive foreign policy, might suffer the same fate but in a different way under a president Trump.

I mean Trump might go into the Middle East and start an unprovoked war or something. Wait, that was Bush in Iraq.


Who knows how Trump would be? Perhaps he isn’t ready to be president. But a community organizer from Chicago was? One didn’t see this sort of thing as Obama came on the scene. Largely because Obama could be molded. Trump, the neocons fear will completely dismiss them. And they are important people. They are not to be dismissed.

Plus the neocon Republicans are big government Military Industrial Complex guys (not that Trump isn’t big government) and they are not interested in the things which concern “grass roots” conservatives. They want to control the Middle East, to secure Israel at almost any cost, and to further marginalize Russia which at the same time can be used as a foil to keep the European Union together and NATO in place. That’s why these folks don’t like Trump. If Trump had the exact same …

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