Campaign shake-up signals that Trump will finish race on his own terms

From The Washington Post:

Trump’s decision sent a powerful signal to Republicans and Democrats alike that the real estate magnate intends to finish the presidential race on his own terms and that his closing argument to voters will defy the usual partisan template of general-election campaigns.

In its place will be a political pitch with ire directed at both parties and a fierce anti-establishment ethos, coupled with harsh critiques of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump plans to devote himself primarily to five crucial states — Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania — where he hopes that raucous rallies and a relentless presence on television will electrify his working-class base and thousands of other people who have grown disengaged and frustrated with the political class.

Guiding Trump as he turns to the fall will be a new campaign chief executive, Stephen Bannon, a former banker who runs the influential conservative outlet Breitbart News and is known for his right-wing, nationalist politics. Kellyanne Conway, a veteran Republican pollster who has been close to Trump for years, will assume the role of campaign manager.

Trump’s reset effectively ended a monthslong push by campaign chairman Paul Manafort to moderate Trump’s presentation and pitch for the broader electorate. And it comes just 12 weeks before Election Day, and after weeks of self-inflicted wounds that have caused some members of the GOP establishment to panic that Trump may severely damage the chances of down-ballot Republican candidates across the country.

Despondent or unsure of Trump’s willingness — or ability — to broaden his national appeal, several Republican consultants have urged the Republican National Committee to consider redirecting funds in the fall if his campaign appears irredeemable.

Manafort, a seasoned …

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