Chaos over ‘shots fired’ at JFK: Thousands of passengers are ordered to take cover and then evacuated from two terminals as a huge army of cops hunt for non-existent gunman

From Daily Mail:

Flights in and out of New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport are back on schedule after a false gunman scare last night led to evacuations and a four-hour sweep of two terminals.  

Passengers at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport were told to take cover behind ‘anything’ they could find by police on Sunday night – as unfounded reports of gunfire in Terminal 8 caused mass panic.

Every passenger was evacuated from the terminal, some onto the runway, as an army of heavily armed police moved in to hunt for an apparently non-existent gunman.

One passenger said an officer screamed: ‘If you’re forgetting anything it’s not worth your life, everyone move now!’

Flights were grounded and authorities spent four hours searching the terminal – as well as Terminal 1 – where there was also a report of gunfire.

But the scare turned out to be a false alarm, with one theory speculating that ‘cheering’ for Usain Bolt’s victory in the 100m final may have been misinterpreted as gunfire. 

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