Clinton campaign accuses FBI director of ‘double standard’ in email probe

From The Washington Post:

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook called on Comey to explain why he rushed to disclose new information about the status of the investigation into Clinton, while reportedly opposing, on the grounds that it would be too close to the election, a public statement by the FBI that the Russian government was seeking the influence the presidential race.

“It is impossible to view this as anything less than a blatant double standard,” Mook said.

Democrats are reeling from the news late last week that — a little more than a week before the election — Comey is revisiting his probe into the potential mishandling of classified material.

Aiming to quickly redirect the focus of the presidential race, the Clinton campaign seized on news reports that Comey had rejected efforts within the FBI to identify Russia as the source of hacking incidents this year, which primarily effected Democratic organizations, including Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Clinton’s press secretary, Brian Fallon, said that Comey “set a standard for narrating a play-by-play for matters involving Hilary Clinton,” but has not set the same standard for inquiries into Russian hacking and potential ties to Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign.

“Director Comey owes the public an explanation for this inconsistency,” Fallon said.

Meanwhile, in Warren, Mich., Trump hammered on the issue of Clinton’s emails during an afternoon rally that started more than two hours late in the Detroit suburb.

He said that he expects the FBI to find some of the 33,000 emails that have yet to be uncovered among the 650,000 emails that are reportedly on the laptop at the center of the latest controversy. He repeated his claim that Clinton’s use of a private email server …

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