Clinton focuses on Zika in battleground state of Florida

From The Associated Press:

MIAMI (AP) — Hillary Clinton is turning to a major health issue in the battleground state of Florida with a visit Tuesday to a Miami neighborhood dealing with the first U.S. outbreak of the Zika virus.

Clinton will call on Republican congressional leaders to summon lawmakers back to Washington from their summer recess and pass emergency funding for the Zika response. She wants immediate action to either pass stalled legislation or craft a new bipartisan compromise, according to aides briefed on her plans.

The Democratic presidential nominee will be urging the action as she tours the Borinquen Medical Center, a health clinic close to the Wynwood area where 16 non-travel related cases of Zika have been diagnosed.

It’s an issue that could affect votes in this crucial swing state where she has held a small advantage in recent polls. So far, Trump has not addressed the Zika response in depth, though he told a Florida television station last week that Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, “really seems to have it under control in Florida.”

Until this month, the only known Zika cases in the United States were in people who had recently traveled to Latin America or the Caribbean. Federal officials last week warned pregnant women to avoid the Miami neighborhood and a square-mile area around it.

Lawmakers left Washington in mid-July for a seven-week recess without approving any of the $1.9 billion that President Barack Obama requested in February to try to develop a vaccine and control the mosquitoes that carry the virus.

Obama, Clinton and Democrats blame Republicans for politicizing the legislation by adding a provision to a $1.1 billion take-it-or-leave-it measure that …

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