Clinton to portray Trump economic plans as handouts for rich

From The Associated Press:

DETROIT (AP) — Hillary Clinton is set to go after Donald Trump’s economic agenda, aiming to portray her rival’s approach as offering handouts for the rich that could imperil the economy.

The goal of her speech Thursday afternoon at manufacturing company in Warren, Michigan, was to play up her focus on job development, public works projects and tax policy while trying to undercut the celebrity businessman’s approach. Clinton was not expected to come out with any major new policies during her remarks.

She intended to try to make the case that Trump’s agenda would benefit him and his wealthy friends, and to characterize his plans as an update of “trickle-down economics,” according to her campaign.

Also look for Clinton to argue that Trump’s drive to cut taxes on certain business income would benefit many of his companies.

Trump outlined a revamped economic package during an appearance in Detroit on Monday, and Clinton attempted to draw contrasts when she spoke at a rally Wednesday in Des Moines, Iowa. She said that according to independent analysis “under my plans, we’ll create about 10.4 million new jobs. Under Donald Trump’s so-called plans, we will lose about three and a half million jobs.”

Clinton has proposed a large public works project, pledged to roll back tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, and said she would not raise taxes on the middle class. She has promised more money for education, a higher federal minimum wage and increased support for small businesses.

“We’re going to stand up for small business and help create more of them to create more good jobs here and across America,” Clinton said in Iowa.

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