Cop Enters Wrong Home, Murders Family Dog in Front of Children at 5-year-old’s Birthday

From Matt Agorist with The Free Thought Project:

Wynnewood, OK — Gruesome. Infuriating. Tragic. Incompetent. Cowardly. Murderous. These are a few of the words that come to mind in regards to the recent puppycide by an Oklahoma cop.

“There’s something wrong with Opie,” said Vickie Malone’s 5-year-old son Eli, during his birthday party — after a Wynnewood police officer just shot their beloved family dog.

According to Vickie Malone, she’d just taken the party inside to serve cake and ice cream when they heard a gunshot.

As parents and kids ran outside to see what was going on, the cop fired two more rounds into Opie with his AR-15 as horrified partygoers watched in disbelief.

“He [Opie] was over here kicking and gasping for air,” Vickie said.

The incompetent cop was serving a 10-year-old warrant on a man who did not live there.

According to Fox 25, Malone said the officer initially told her the dog had lunged at him through the fence.

Chief Ken Moore said the officer told him the dog was vicious and attacked him by coming around the corner of the house. Moore said the officer tried to kick the dog off him once and then shot him.

However, the dog was inside the fence on the owner’s property and the officer had no legal reason for being there. Also, video taken after the officer killed the dog, shows Opie a sizable distance from the gate, meaning that the officer’s claims were not entirely true.

The video shows the dead dog with a gunshot wound to his head lying near the fence, not near the house. According to Fox 25, Moore claims he hasn’t seen the video showing this yet.

As Fox 25 reports, the police chief said the officer was serving a warrant, which gave him legal authority to be on the private property. However, the Malones said they were never shown any warrant. They were …

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