Could Amazon drones turn hostile? Experts warn UAVs may be hijacked by terrorists and hackers

From Blacklistednews:

Amazon plans to test its delivery drones in Britain, meaning customers in the UK could soon receive their packages from the internet giant by air, rather than post.

The move is the result of a deal with the British government and could see customers in the UK trial the new service before those in the US.

But experts have expressed fear that dangers drones could be hijacked and cause ‘disasters’ if the proper controls are not put into place.

The world’s biggest online retailer, which has laid out plans to start using drones for deliveries by 2017, said last week that a cross-government team supported by the UK Civil Aviation Authority has provided it with the permissions necessary to explore the process.

But Colin Bull, a consultant at Software Quality Systems, said despite the obvious benefits of drones, they ‘ must be embraced and feared in equal measures’.

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