Couple Furious After Cops Go to Wrong Home and Shoot their Dog, Ridicule them for Grieving

From Matt Agorist:

Vallejo, CA — It is an undisputed fact — cops shoot dogs. What’s more, cops often respond to the wrong address to serve a warrant or to investigate a complaint, and end up shooting an entirely innocent person’s dog. On Tuesday, officers with the Vallejo Police Department went to an innocent couple’s home and shot their dog right in front of them.

Officers were not only unapologetic after putting two rounds in Samantha Melo and her boyfriend Manuel Trujillo’s beloved dog Rambo, but they ridiculed the couple for grieving.

Around 6:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, Melo and Trujillo were outside with Rambo when three officers approached the house. Curious as to who was in his front yard, Rambo rounded the corner of their home to investigate. When he turned the corner, one of the officers shot him, twice.

“All I remember [Trujillo] saying is, ‘No, no, no, don’t shoot. He’s a good dog’,” Melo said.

“By the time I turned the corner, they already shot,” Trujillo said.

Rambo was shot once in his chest and in his left hind leg. The dog ran into the house, but the couple brought him back out to the front yard to apply pressure to his wounds. Melo said she became hysterical, according to KTVU News.

“I’m standing there, and one of the officers says to me, ‘You need to calm down because you’re being annoying’,” she recalled. “He said, ‘Are you guys arguing?’ We’re like, ‘What are you talking about? We’re not arguing’.”

Police were looking for a domestic dispute and randomly targeted Melo and Trujillo.

According to Lt. Sid DeJesus with the Vallejo Police Department, officers were given an address that did not exist, so they targeted Melo and Trujillo since they were the closest.

“The initial address given by the caller to 911 was an address that in fact did …

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