Democratic National Convention: Clinton, Sanders camps in talks about giving senator larger role tonight

From The Washington Post:

By the end of the day, Clinton is poised to be the Democratic presidential nominee, but her campaign spent most of Tuesday in talks to give her vanquished opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, a symbolic role in the formal nomination process in a bid to heal rifts in the party.

When the formal nomination process begins Tuesday evening, Clinton is set to be formally nominated by Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), the dean of women senators; Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), the revered civil rights leader; and Na’ilah Amaru, a Clinton supporter who won an online contest to nominate the candidate.

How the nomination process ends is still up for discussion. The Clinton and Sanders campaigns are discussing having the Vermont delegation move to make her nomination unanimous by acclamation after all the states have had a chance to have their votes recorded, according to Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs.

“We’ve been talking about that with the Clinton campaign for weeks,” Briggs said. “We hope it works out.”

Briggs said the outcome could be similar to what happened at the 2008 Democratic convention, when Clinton came to the convention floor, interrupted the roll call vote and moved to unanimously nominate Barack Obama as the Democratic presidential candidate.

Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, deflected questions about a possible deal.

“I will let Sen. Sanders discuss what Sen. Sanders is going to do,” he said at a reporter lunched hosted by The Wall Street Journal.

Pressed about whether conversations are ongoing, Podesta insisted that the vote would speak for itself.

“I’m not going to preview this,” he said. “Wait for the vote!”

Podesta said earlier Tuesday that Democrats “need to move on” from infighting over the outcome of the primary, which saw Clinton soundly defeat challenger Sanders …

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