Democratic National Convention: On day 4, it will be Hillary Clinton’s turn to convince voters

From The Washington Post:

After three days in which her advocates have spoken for her, Hillary Clinton will take the stage Thursday on the final day of the Democratic National Convention to convince voters that she should be their president.

The sitting president and vice president, her former primary rivals and every prominent member of her party have lined up behind her. But it will ultimately fall to the Democratic nominee herself to explain her worldview and where she would like to take the country. It’s a major test for a candidate whose desire for privacy has sometimes interfered with her ability to connect with voters.

Clinton’s speech was not finished as of Wednesday night, when she joined President Obama onstage after his prime-time address asking voters to make his former secretary of state his successor in the White House.

She will spend much of Thursday finalizing the remarks, a campaign aide said, which are expected to invoke themes of inclusion and opportunity, drawing on her 1996 book, “It Takes a Village.”

After Michael Bloomberg, the former Republican mayor of New York City, on Wednesday called on voters to support Clinton without respect to party lines, the convention will feature on its final day additional voices luring Republicans and independents, including a founder of Republican Women for Hillary.

Having spent the first two nights of the convention trying to unify the party behind Clinton, a procession of leading party figures made a sharp pivot to Donald Trump on the same day that the Republican nominee invited Russian hackers to expose Clinton’s emails. Over the course of the evening here, speakers questioned his character, his judgment, his business acumen — even his sanity.

Obama offered an American ideal in contrast to that bill of particulars against Trump: “Our power …

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