Democrats Hacked Again: FBI Probing New “Cyber Intrusion” At Fundraising Group

From Zero Hedge:

Those pesky Russian hackers are working overtime.

According to Reuters, the FBI is probing a “cyber intrusion” at yet another Democratic organization, this time the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) which may or may not be related to an earlier hack at the Democratic National Committee. The previously unreported incident at the DCCC, which raises money for Democrats running for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, is said to have been intended to gather information about Democratic donors.

We anticipate another media freakout, one which again blames the Kremlin, is imminent. As Reuters puts it, “the breach and its potential ties to Russian hackers are likely to sharpen concern, so far unproven, that Moscow is attempting to meddle in U.S. elections. The issue has clouded this week’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.”

The DCCC intrusion could have begun as recently as June, two of the sources told Reuters. That was when a spoof website was registered with a name closely resembling that of a main donation site connected to the DCCC. For some time, Internet traffic associated with donations that was supposed to go to a company that processes campaign donations instead went to the spoof site, two sources said. How this went on as long as it did is unclear: perhaps in addition to having problems with “email”, the Democratic party is simply unable to keep keep up with modern technology.

Sure enough, a Russian “trail” has emerged quickly. Reuters’ sources said the Internet Protocol address of the spurious site resembled one used by a Russian government-linked hacking group, one of two such groups suspected in the breach of the DNC, the nationwide strategy setting and money-raising body for the Democratic Party.

The DCCC had no immediate comment. Donation processing company ActBlue had no immediate comment.

Reuters adds that the FBI referred …

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