Despots “Donate” to Clinton Foundation, Receive Weapons from Hillary: Leaked Docs

From Robert Barsocchini:


As Secretary of State (the US government position chiefly responsible for coordinating US international arms trafficking), Hillary Clinton accepted millions of dollars in “donations” from the dictator of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa al Khalifa, then increased US weapons sales to him by 137% during his brutal, Saudi-backed crackdown on pro-democracy protestors.

The crackdown, as reported by Amnesty International, has included murder and child-torture.  In 2009, a Clinton State Department official stated that al Khalifa’s weapons coordinator was a “good friend of ours”.

Within Hillary Clinton’s increase in arms trafficking to the dictator of Bahrain was a 10,000% increase in transfers of “toxicological agents”.

IB Times also points out that beyond Bahrain, US arms exports in general “substantially increased to governments that donated to the Clinton Foundation”.*

The revelations have forced the Clinton campaign to essentially promise that if elected President, Clinton would not be as corrupt as she was as Secretary of State: “Clinton’s campaign said the foundation would stop accepting foreign government donations if she is elected president”.

It will be up to the minority of people in the US who are still willing to vote for Clinton to decide whether giving her more power is likely to make her more or less corrupt.

Robert J. Barsocchini is an internationally published independent author who focuses on global force dynamics and serves as a cross-cultural intermediary for the film and Television industry. His work has been cited, published, or followed by numerous professors, economists, lawyers, military and intelligence veterans, and journalists. Updates on Twitter. Author’s pamphlet ‘The Agility of Tyranny: Historical Roots of Black Lives Matter’.

*This included the biggest weapons deal in history, a US effort to traffic over $60 billion in arms to the dictator of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz, including illegal …

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