Donald Trump is cutting down his tax breaks for the rich

From The Washington Post:

A team of advisers to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump are nearing completion on a rewrite of his tax-cutting proposal, with the new plan likely to be released next week or in early August, and likely to blow a much smaller hole in the federal budget than Trump’s original proposal.

Stephen Moore, a leading advocate of supply-side economic policies and one of the authors of the revamped Trump tax plan, said in an interview Wednesday that the advisers — and Trump himself — are still wrestling with key details that could alter the plan’s budgetary cost and its potential effects on the economy. Depending on those decisions, Moore said, the cost of the plan could fall by two-thirds, to an estimated $200 billion a year, which would need to be offset by spending cuts.

That cost assumes the cuts spur faster economic growth than would have occurred otherwise.

“It’s not that heavy a lift to pay for that, with spending cuts,” Moore said. That is almost certainly an optimistic assessment: It is more than double the size of the “sequester” cuts agreed to by Congress and President Obama in 2011, which lawmakers have repeatedly watered down in subsequent budgets.

The still-unfinished details for the plan include whether to propose a tax credit for families with children, a policy championed by former GOP hopeful Marco Rubio and many so-called “Reformicon” economists; whether to allow families to deduct additional child care costs from their income taxes and at what rate to tax income for certain corporations that are currently taxed at the individual, not corporate, rate.

The two biggest debates both revolve around tax liability for the highest-earning Americans. Advisers are discussing where to peg the top marginal income tax rate for individuals, which Trump’s current proposal would reduce from nearly 40 percent to 25 percent. The new top rate will fall somewhere …

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