Donald Trump’s new paid maternity leave plan might exclude single mothers

From The Washington Post:

Donald Trump’s new paid maternity leave proposal is vague about who would be eligible, labor policy experts say, and includes a provision that possibly could exclude one of the country’s most economically vulnerable groups: single mothers.

A document on the Trump campaign’s website states same-sex couples would receive the six weeks of paid leave under the policy only if their marriage is “recognized under state law,” a provision that could effectively bar any unmarried parent.

Ivanka Trump, the Republican presidential nominee’s eldest daughter, noted the rule in an interview last week with Cosmopolitan magazine. She said fathers and parents who adopt would not be eligible for the six weeks of paid leave, and when pressed on why the plan leaves out dads, the 34-year-old mother of three replied, “It’s meant to benefit, whether it’s in same-sex marriages as well, to benefit the mother who has given birth to the child if they have legal married status under the tax code.” (Per last year’s Supreme Court ruling, all same-sex marriages are legally recognized.)

The campaign has credited Ivanka Trump with inspiring and co-designing the proposal — the first of its nature from a top GOP contender for the White House.

“The plan is discriminating against fathers, fathers and mothers who adopt, LGBT parents and apparently some set of unmarried parents,” said Carmel Martin, executive vice president for Policy for the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank.

The Trump campaign did not return numerous calls and emails. Stephen Moore, one of Trump’s economic advisers and co-architect of his tax plan, including the proposed child-care deductions, said he wasn’t sure if single mothers could harness the benefit.

It’s not clear whether the policy …

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