Emails show Google’s close relationship with the White House

From The Verge:

For years, Google has been building a lobbying machine that outpaces its Silicon Valley peers, turning the internet giant into a major Washington presence. In 2014, the company surpassed AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast in lobbying spending dollars, and it’s been particularly adept at building relationships with the White House. As of March 2015, Google averaged about one meeting a week with the Obama administration, and Google staff frequently move into jobs with the White House, or vice versa. But the figures on meetings and revolving doors don’t always show how Google maneuvers those relationships when facing a fight.

More than 1,500 pages of emails

The nonprofit group Campaign for Accountability recently launched a project to compile documents about the company’s lobbying practices, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. The group says the repository of documents will be a resource for monitoring how Google interacts with the government. The first installment, which the group obtained through an independent researcher and shared with The Verge, features more than 1,500 pages of emails between the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and Google employees.

In the email exchanges, Google employees coordinate their messaging with the White House, occasionally steering around divisions within the administration. Nothing in the documents suggests improper behavior; they are a window into Google’s high-level work on policy matters, and provide a case study on how deep the company’s lobbying efforts go.

Provides a case study of a Google persuasion campaign

In December 2012, Google saw a threat, as thousands of representatives met at the World Conference on International Telecommunications to consider a proposed revision of the International Telecommunication Regulations, which govern how communication services are used around the world. After years, the conference was set to determine whether to bring more of the internet under the purview of …

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