First Presidential Debate Stage Is Set For Clinton And Trump

From NPR:

We will update this story with the latest news as the debate begins.

The debate also marks the first time a woman has been in a general election debate, and the gender dynamics will be worth watching, especially to see how Trump — who has made controversial remarks about women in the past — reacts. Clinton’s campaign has said they have prepped for two different Trumps — one that is subdued, and might even congratulate her for the Democrat’s historic nomination, and another approach where Trump is more aggressive and controversial.

Clinton has a strong policy background and has put out several detailed proposals, while Trump has released fewer plans, many without a lot of specifics. His biggest challenge may be showing the type of depth he needs to convince voters he is prepared to be president. But Clinton, if she gets too into the weeds, risks coming off as too stoic and not relatable.

NPR’s Mara Liasson ran down four questions that Clinton and Trump each face tonight, along with four things to watch during the debate. NPR will also be live fact-checking the debate.

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