Foreign-policy experts grow more hostile to Trump as N. Korea tests missiles

From The Washington Post:

As Kim Jong Un’s authoritarian regime remains belligerently committed to developing intercontinental ballistic missiles, several international security experts warn that the next president will probably face the culmination of those efforts. And they worry that Trump is ill equipped to navigate the complicated geopolitical forces at play.

Eliot Cohen, an active anti-Trump voice, said that he has never seen foreign-policy professionals so stridently hostile to a candidate.

“He is not only an ignoramus, but he’s a dangerous ignoramus who doesn’t know the first thing about foreign policy and doesn’t care and has some very dangerous instincts,” Cohen, who served in the George W. Bush administration, told The Washington Post in a recent interview. “Part of what is so dangerous about him is not just his ignorance and contempt for our alliances, but his failure to understand how important these have been to our security since 1945. And he has already done a lot of damage. Our allies are deeply shaken by this election.”

On the campaign trail, Trump has regularly signaled that he would consider pulling American support away from traditional allies — naming Japan and South Korea in particular — and out of mutual-defense alliances such as NATO. He has insisted that NATO members are not paying their fair share for American protection. On several occasions, he also has floated the idea that Japan should perhaps develop its own nuclear deterrents to deal with threats in the region.

Those suggestions, which were widely panned, fly in the face of a consensus on American defense and nonproliferation dating back to World War II.

Despite the deep skepticism about their candidate, the Trump campaign has sought to undermine Clinton’s experience as secretary of state, pinning diplomatic failures in North Korea on her policies. Trump’s campaign said Friday that North Korea’s latest nuclear test is …

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