Germany: 21 Injured After Axe-Wielding ’17yo Afghan’ Migrant Attacks Germans on Train

From Information Liberation:

The enrichment of Europe is now occurring at light speed.

Just days after the massacre in Nice, another Muslim has gone on an attempted killing spree.

From RT:

Polizei will sich jeden Moment bei meinem Kollegen melden. Noch ist kein Amoklauf bestätigt. #würzburg

The Mirror reports the teen screamed “Allahu Akbar” before the attack, but I’m sure the German authorities will say this had “nothing to do with Islam.”

Angela Merkel really needs to be brought up on charges for all these migrant assaults.

She opened the gates and let these people into Germany saying they were going to help “pay for aging Germans’ pensions.”

Instead, they’re going full jihad and raping their women and girls en masse.

Incidentally, only 54 out of one million plus have gotten jobs with any top firms.

So much for that whole “they’ll pay for you in retirement” spiel.


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