Getty Images sued again over alleged misuse of over 47,000 photos

From ArsTechnica:

Getty Images has been hit with a second copyright-related lawsuit less than a week after famed photographer Carol Highsmith sued the company.

On Monday, Zuma Press, an independent press agency, sued Getty for alleged copyright violations and unauthorized licensing of more than 47,000 images.

In its nine-page civil complaint, Zuma attorney Richard Liebowitz alleged that as Getty has been rapidly expanding its collection of images, it has run roughshod over copyright.

Liebowitz wrote:

Upon information and belief, Getty has been carelessly and recklessly acquiring content, not doing due diligence and not taking adequate measures to prevent infringement as well as falsifying/removing proper copyright management information. In fact, its aggressive acquisition schedule is possible only at the expense of others’ rights. Undeterred by almost two hundred complaints filed with Washington State Attorney General’s Office, despite several lawsuits, and the growing consensus in the industry that its abusive, unethical, and reckless business practices must be addressed, Getty has shown that it cannot and will not reform on its own accord.

The suit demands unspecified damages for the alleged copyright infringement.

Like the Highsmith case, the lawsuit may have already had its desired effect. When Ars searched on Wednesday for “ZumaPress” or “Les Walker,” one of the photographers cited in court filings, we found hardly any of their images.

Sarah Lochting, Getty Images vice president for communications, did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment.

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