GOP mega-donors ready new IRS impeachment ads

From Politico:

A new conservative outside group with deep pockets is planning a robust ad campaign urging Congress to impeach the IRS commissioner — a move sure to cause GOP leaders some headaches this fall.

Founded by GOP mega-donor Todd Ricketts, 45Committee will spend nearly $1 million on a week’s worth of cable TV and digital ads encouraging voters to pressure Congress to impeach tax chief John Koskinen.

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Officials at the tax-exempt 501(c)(4), run by family owners of the Chicago Cubs, told POLITICO the ads will start Tuesday and air nationwide in every congressional district, from FOX to MSNBC to CNN and more. More could follow, they added, in an effort to keep the issue front and center.

The IRS “targeted conservatives, lied about it, got caught, ignored subpoenas, stonewalled and improperly deleted emails,” says a voice-over accompanied by dramatic violin strings in the ad.

“The White house won’t act, so we must call the House of Representatives and tell them to vote to impeach the IRS Commissioner Koskinen now — for fairness, for justice, for reform,” it continues.

A congressional directory phone number appears on the screen following pictures of Koskinen testifying before a House panel.

It’s a somewhat ironic twist for the Ricketts family: Just two months ago, the family’s Ending Spending PAC successfully “primaried” ultra-conservative Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kans.) — taking out one of the most well-known members of the House Freedom Caucus who helped drive out ex-Speaker John Boehner.

Many establishment Republicans privately applauded the group for doing so.

Now, however, the same family is supporting the Freedom Caucus’ cause du jour, running ads that are sure to make Hill leaders and establishment-types squirm.

POLITICO reported in late September that the Ricketts family was pitching the same outside …

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