Hackers Pocket Credit Cards While Processing USPS Mail, Snap Selfies with Dying Patients and Leak DNC Donor Voicemails

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Former USPS Worker Allegedly Ripped Credit Cards from Envelopes to Buy Designer Handbags, Cars

An ex-U.S. Postal Service processing clerk has been charged with stealing credit cards from undelivered mail while working at a USPS center in California.

Chinh Vuong, 48, allegedly made at least $6,000 a month by selling the credit cards. He is accused of then spending the money on luxury items including designer handbags, boots and cars.

It’s unclear how long he had been illegally opening mail to pocket payment cards and sell the data. But during at least one year, he allegedly stole 6,240 credit cards by stuffing them into his waistband and then carrying them out to his car on his break.

Vuong had worked as a mail clerk since 1989.

As part of the scheme, he would steal cards issued to customers of Chase Bank and American Express and then sell 11 cards for $500, or 132 cards for $5,000, court documents say.

Beginning in June 2015, he allegedly sold hundreds of cards to two people whom he thought were customers but actually worked as law enforcement informants.

Last October, authorities searched his home and seized 199 stolen credit cards and luxury items bought using money from the scam, including two BMWs and about two dozen handbags made by brands including Prada, Louis Vuitton and Gucci, prosecutors said.

Paramedics Snapped Selfies with Unconscious Patients inside Ambulances

A pair of Emergency Medical Services personnel in Florida allegedly used their cellphones to take selfies and videos with patients inside ambulances, over an 8-month period.

Former Okaloosa County, Florida, paramedic Kayla Renee Dubois, 24, was arrested July 21, while the other suspect, Christopher Wimmer, 33, turned himself in to police that afternoon.

In one instance, Wimmer allegedly held open the eyelid of a sedated …

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