Hispanics are doing really well. And so is Donald Trump.

From The Washington Post:

Donald Trump has ascended to national prominence at a time when Hispanic households are advancing financially much more quickly than white households.

These economic and political trends might be just a coincidence. On the other hand, there is evidence that many of the Republican presidential nominee’s white supporters are concerned that their racial group’s dominant economic position in American society could be threatened. A recent analysis of polling data by The Washington Post shows that many of Trump’s supporters are worried that whites are “losing out” to other racial groups.

The typical Hispanic household’s income has jumped 11.8 percent in the past two years, according to Census Bureau data published Tuesday. The change in average income for the typical white household over the same period was just 2.5 percent.

Despite this rapid gain, Hispanic families are still substantially poorer than the general population. The typical Hispanic household took in just over $45,000 last year, compared to nearly $63,000 for the typical white household.

Asians have long been the wealthiest racial group, and their economic advantage has increased recently. Between 2013 and last year, the typical Asian household’s income increased 4.8 percent, more rapidly than the national average.

Although white households remain much wealthier, on average, than Hispanic households, it is plausible that the recent decline in white households’ relative advantage might be connected with Trump’s success. Recent research suggests that many white Americans are less concerned about how much they have as about whether their advantage over other racial and ethnic groups is secure.

For example, psychologists at Stanford recently conducted an experiment in which they told a group of white subjects that white households’ incomes were declining relative to other households’ incomes. Those subjects were more …

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