History as Clinton ascends to nomination _ hostility too

From The Associated Press:

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A glass ceiling is shattering at the Democratic National Convention as Hillary Clinton ascends to the presidential nomination with Tuesday’s roll call of the states, making her the first woman to lead a major party into a White House race.

Clinton’s campaign hoped to use the achievement to bolster the candidate’s popularity – mindful that while many voters are happy to be nominating a woman, they’re not wild about this particular woman candidate. Former President Bill Clinton and other speakers will offer prime-time testimonials to her career highlights and advocacy, hoping to soften her image and resistance to her bid.

But as history is being made, hostility is being heard, too. Bernie Sanders’ primary challenge has unleashed vitriol toward the party establishment that Sanders himself has been unable to rein in. His supporters, many new to party politics, spent much of Monday protesting his treatment by top officials, even booing Clinton’s name.

The division left what was once expected to be a tightly orchestrated convention, run with all the professionalism and experience that were lacking at Republicans’ often-chaotic coronation of Donald Trump last week, showing rough edges in the early going.

On Tuesday, Sanders, who has endorsed Clinton, tried to keep the conflict from consuming another day and marring a history-making moment. This is an “unbelievably critical moment” for Democrats, he told Wisconsin delegates in the latest of a string of pleas for unity.

First lady Michelle Obama delivered the same message Monday night in a heartfelt endorsement of the candidate who engaged her husband in a fierce struggle for the nomination in 2008. …

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