How to see how a company treats female employees — before you even take the job

From The Washington Post:

Women looking for jobs and looking to leave jobs need the same thing: a space to share recommendations — and horror stories. Like Yelp, but for women in the workplace.

And now, a host of websites wants to do just that. The sites collect women’s experiences from different office cultures, addressing questions like: How satisfied are current female employees? What’s the family leave policy like? How many women are in top leadership?

InHerSight, a fairly new entrant into the field, takes workplace feedback from women to create “scorecards,” grades based on a 5-star scale calculating how well companies provide for leadership opportunities, women’s professional development, female employee recruitment, maternity leave, welcoming company culture and more.

The scorecards reflect well-documented industry trends, trends that InHerSight is also working to catalog. Technology companies like Facebook may rate highly for perks and benefits, for example, but they lose points when it comes to well-publicized issues like female representation in leadership. And while women working in government offices report they’re happy with management opportunities for women, federal agencies like the Department of Energy score lower for their lackluster family leave policies.

InHerSight is just the latest innovation in wave of women’s workplace rankings. Popular sites like Glassdoor and Payscale stack different workplace salaries and cultures against one another.  As more and more headlines flood our senses and depress our daughters — “It’s 2016, and women still make less than men,” “So many female managers but so few CEOs,” “The Number of Fortune 500 companies led by women is at an all-time high: 5 percent” — the ranking of women’s workplaces has become its own cottage …

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