Hyperloop One accuses co-founder of plotting secret coup from garage

From The Verge:

Hyperloop One, the once-promising futuristic transportation company, fell further into a legal morass with a new court filing that alleges one of the co-founders held a secret meeting in his garage to plot a takeover of the company.

Former co-workers accuse Brogan BamBrogan, the ousted chief technology officer and co-founder of Hyperloop One, of drawing up a list of employees he wanted to poach, discussing how to raise money, including $2 to $3 million to cover anticipated legal costs, for a new Hyperloop venture, and plotting to “steal” the company’s investors and patents. These new allegations were made by Hyperloop One co-founder Shervin Pishevar, CEO Rob Lloyd, and Joe Lonsdale, vice chair of the company’s board of directors.

Pishevar, Lloyd, and Lonsdale also claim that BamBrogan, who was ousted from the company in July, stole laptops, tried to force a reorganization of the company’s board to award himself more voting power, and orchestrated a public campaign to embarrass his former colleagues after being stymied in his sabotage. A fake Twitter account, @SiliconValleyMg, was allegedly set up by BamBrogan to promote negative news stories. (The account has currently sent only one tweet.)

The new allegations were made in a countersuit filed in reaction to a lawsuit filed by BamBrogan weeks after his termination, in which he accused Pishevar, Lloyd, and Lonsdale of engaging in financial misconduct, abuse, and physical threats. Pishevar and his team say BamBrogan only filed the lawsuit to obscure his own plans to start a new Hyperloop company called “NewCo” or “Hyperloop Two.”

BamBrogan had previously said the alleged plans to start a competing company were just an inside joke, but his former colleagues claim that it was “no joking matter.” The new filing, however, provides no direct evidence of this secret garage meeting, …

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