Inside Hillary Clinton’s Stump Speech, Annotated

From NPR:

To think about the structure of a Hillary Clinton stump speech, imagine a book shelf. Clinton probably has 50 books on the shelf, various elements of a speech, anecdotes, policies she talks about, themes, turns of phrase. For each speech she grabs a bunch of different books off the shelf. So, even if she gives three speeches at different events in the same day, they will be three totally different speeches, made up of things she says regularly. And she is constantly adding to the library, each time there is a development in the campaign, Donald Trump says something she wants to riff on or she gives a major policy speech.

Here, we take a closer look at how a speech Clinton delivered on Sept. 6 in Tampa, Fla. lines up to her “stump”:

Hello, Tampa! Hello, USF!

I know I’m only the second most exciting thing that’s happened here in the last few days. Your big win to open your football season got some attention.

But I am always happy to be at a university that is doing such a superb job in preparing the next generation of students. I had the great privilege of speaking to your president, Dr. Genshaft. Thank you. And I will talk in a minute about some of what I’ve learned about USF and why I think a lot of what you do here is a model for what we need to do in higher education.

But for me it’s exciting to be here with so many friends. I want to start by thanking Mary Lent, who just introduced me. Air Force reservist, former commander of the 927th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, a woman who has served her country with honor and distinction. I …

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