Jackson Hole Looms: The Main Events In The Coming Week

From Zero Hedge:

The key economic releases this week are new home sales on Tuesday and durable goods on Thursday. However, the main event in what is one of the slowest summer weeks, will be the Jackson Hole symposium starting this Friday, where focus will be on Yellen’s speech who will be scrutinized to see if she can bring the Fed’s message back on track after various conflicting and contradictory statements by key Fed speakers in recent weeks.

The usually dovish NY Fed President Dudley caused the first bump when he said on Tuesday that a September hike was ‘possible’ and that ‘we’re edging closer towards the point in time where it will be appropriate to raise rates further’. Dudley also made the comment that he thought 10y Treasuries were ‘pretty low given the circumstances’. On the same day Atlanta Fed President Lockhart (a centrist) added that he thought at least one rate increase could be appropriate later this year. Late on Thursday we then heard from San Francisco Fed President Williams (also largely seen as a centrist) who said that every meeting should ‘be in play’, including September.

The latest addition to the debate on Sunday was Fed vice chair Stanley Fischer who suggested that the Fed “are close to their targets”. Although he didn’t comment on when they should hike it was a generally upbeat reflection on the US economy. The main theme of the speech though was the slowdown in productivity in recent years and how monetary policy wasn’t equipped to reverse the slump and that fiscal and regulatory policy were likely to be more effective. Although Fischer is known to be on the hawkish side (albeit moderately) and Yellen on the more dovish side, he probably wouldn’t want his comments in the week of the Jackson Hole get together …

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