Johnson: Libertarian Party Will ‘Crush’ Republicans Trying to Interlope in Order to Beat Trump


From The Wall Street Journal:

Gary Johnson has a message for Republicans flirting with the idea of taking over the Libertarian Party to run an anti-Trump candidate for president: Bring it on.

Mr. Johnson, the former New Mexico governor who won 1.3 million votes as the Libertarian presidential nominee in 2012 and is running again this year, said in an interview that he’d welcome an intraparty challenge from a Republican, and predicted he’d wipe the floor with whatever outsider tries to infiltrate his party.

“Not to say that that person doesn’t have a chance, but they’re going to be running as a Republican in the Libertarian primary,” Mr. Johnson said in a Monday interview at The Wall Street Journal’s Washington bureau. “I think they get shoveled out the door. But, you know, it would be great to have somebody really high profile show up and run for the Libertarian nomination. That would be terrific.”

Not to say that that person doesn’t have a chance, … I think they get shoveled out the door

Of the 15 Libertarians listed as a presidential candidates on the party’s website, Mr. Johnson by far has the highest political profile. One of them lists a past job dressing as a toy soldier at FAO Schwarz as part of his candidate biography. Another is John McAfee, the software pioneer who in 2012 was a “person of interest” in a murder case in Belize, where he briefly lived.

In a year in which some Republicans are dealing with the hostile takeover of their party by front-running insurgent Donald Trump, elements of the party have floated mounting a third-party bid or perhaps seeking to win the Libertarian nomination for a GOP-friendly candidate. The upside of running as a Libertarian is the party is quite good at ballot access – Mr. Johnson appeared on 48 of 50 states in 2012 and he said the party is on pace to be on the ballot in all 50 states this November.

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