Libertarian Gary Johnson Polling at Double Digits Vs. Trump and Clinton


If ever there would be a chance of a third party candidate, such as the Libertarian party candidate Gary Johnson, to win a presidential race—it would be while offering an alternative to the choice of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Most Americans are unaware of third party candidates, confused by their inclusion on ballots during voting. With the uphill battles to even be included on the ballots in most states, there’s little surprise.

Third party candidates aren’t included in the “official” presidential debates and during last election, were only broadcast by RT—Russian Television. We remain hopeful that with the growing awareness of Tumps’s maniacal personality traits, and Clinton’s felonious past actions within the State Department, that many Americans will entertain the concept of a third party candidate.

Personally, we would choose to vote for Elmor Fudd, if given as the only alternative to a Hillary v Donald choice. Imagine; being given the choice of cutting off your right foot or left foot. Such a choice would be dreadful, with a dire consequence to either. Now, imagine realizing you had a third choice—something like eating a grill cheese sandwich—and what a relief it would seem. We remain hopeful that same sense of reason—that eating a grill cheese sandwich would be better than chopping off a foot—will wash over voters once they see the choice; Hillary v. Trump v. Johnson.

As Town Hall reports, an unheard of percentage of voters are choosing Gary Johnson in pre-election polling:

Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, the former Republican governor of New Mexico, is polling in double digits against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a new Monmouth University poll. In the potential three-way race, Johnson garnered 11 percent of the vote, and, perhaps surprisingly, had a (slightly) more detrimental effect on Clinton than on Trump.

Monmouth also tested a potential three-way race involving Clinton, Trump, and former GOP governor, now Libertarian, Gary Johnson. In this hypothetical contest, Clinton earns 42% of the vote – down 6 points from the two-person race – and Trump gets 34% – down 4 points from the two-person race. Johnson takes 11%. In this contest, Clinton maintains her swing state lead – 44% to 37% for Trump and 9% for Johnson – while her leaning state lead narrows – 43% to 34% for Trump and 9% for Johnson. Johnson gets his highest vote share – 15% – in the red states. Johnson is largely an unknown commodity. Just 9% have a favorable opinion of him and 15% an unfavorable opinion, while 3-in-4 (76%) don’t know enough about him to form an opinion.

Interesting. Obviously, while this is a single poll, it’s still really interesting to see a Libertarian Party candidate poll so well. Johnson was well-received by the mostly conservative attendees at CPAC, yet only chipped away from Trump’s numbers by four percent.

Smart money is on Trump, Idealistic money is on Hillary, and the voice-of-reason money is on Gary Johnson. Current polls have their respective odds in that very order. A lot can happen between now and election time, and our fingers are crossed that the majority of events center around a groundswell of consciousness towards the option to vote third party. To anyone who would argue otherwise against a Johnson presidency; even if you knew nothing about him, could he be any worse than Hillary or Trump? While the last two elections boiled down establishment conservative vs.  new-age social-policy-swinging liberal, the vast difference between the two popular choices gave little rise to interest in third parties. With the growing sentiment of similarity of poor candidacy in this election, an awareness of a third party being favorable stands as much chance as ever.