Media Silent As Major Pipeline Spills While Protests Against North Dakota Pipeline Continue

From True Activist:

This oil leak proves that everything the Native Americans are worried about will eventually happen to their land.

As Native American tribes continue their marches in various cities to show their support for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, a major pipeline in the Southeast recently broke and major media outlets remained silent.

Though some did report the spill on their websites, the focus of the news was on the impending gas shortages and the rise of gas prices caused by the spill. At the heart of mainstream media is always how news will affect consumers rather than the ecological repercussions.

The Colonial Pipeline, which has main lines running through about ten states, ruptured in Shelby County, Alabama and leaked 250,000 gallons starting on September 9th before it was closed.

Six thousand barrels were spilled and found to be leaking at an inactive mine site, where hundreds of employees and contract workers are now risking their health to clean up the mess. The vapors from the large amounts of gasoline in the confined area are a risk to the workers if inhaled.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been monitoring the area so that the crew knows when it’s time to leave the area. Thankfully, the airspace above the leak has been secured by federal authorities.

Though authorities are handling the disaster, gas may still be leaking from the pipeline even though it was closed on Friday. The section of the pipeline that was leaking has yet to be examined due to safety precautions, so the condition and cause of the leak have not been determined.

As for the ecological impact, the spill was reported as being contained in a mining retention pond and the owner of the pipeline and the EPA have been working together to make sure it doesn’t reach …

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