Not-so-dynamite: Man proves awful at buying Dark Web explosives

From ArsTechnica:

While Silk Road has long been shuttered, the Dark Web still thrives. Sites like Alpha Bay have picked up where others have left off, offering a slew of illegal goods ranging from drugs to forged documents.

On Monday, federal prosecutors in Houston announced the arrest of a 50-year-old man, Cary Lee Ogborn, who was accused of attempting to purchase explosives “for the purposes of injury or destruction of property.” He could face up to a decade in prison.

According to the criminal indictment, the suspect picked up a package last Friday that he believed was a grenade and a stick of dynamite with a wireless detonator. (In fact, it was all inert.) The government claims that Ogborn believed that he had bought the explosives on Alpha Bay for $600 in bitcoins as of earlier this month. In fact, the criminal complaint states that Ogborn was actually communicating with an undercover federal agent.

Prosecutors indicate that it was extremely poor operational security that did Ogborn in.

According to the complaint, on August 27, Ogborn (under the name “boatmanstv”) wrote to a man who the government refers to as an FBI Online Covert Employee (OCE). The man was the purported explosives seller and told Ogborn that he did not need a fuse, as he had just purchased some.

The OCE said:

Ok fuse not the best for you job. we get dynamite no problem you use that instead of gas yes? we send you kit from my country for dynamite with trigger you just place under building and go …

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