Ohio Cops to Pay $780,000 for Shooting 4-year-old Girl While Trying to Kill Family Dog


Ohio cops are expected to pay $780,000 in a settlement deal pending Columbus City Council’s approval after an officer shot a 4-year-old in the leg while trying to shoot her dog that her family says was retreating from the porch when the officer unnecessarily fired his gun.

He then fled the scene.

Instead of rendering aid and making sure the child was OK, officer Jonathan Thomas then walked down the driveway, got in his patrol car and left the scene without administering aid or making sure an ambulance was on the way.

After the shooting, while medics made attempts to save her life Ava Ellis cried, “Mommy, am I gonna die?” according to NYDailyNews.

The bullet shattered the bone in Ava Ellis’ leg, which required surgery.

Ava Ellis’ leg was shattered after Columbus Ohio cop Jonathan Thomas intended to shoot her retreating dog, but shot her in the leg instead.

“They had started to cut her pants off her and I just see blood everywhere,” her mom Andrea Ellis said after the shooting.

Andrea Ellis covered Ava’s wounds with a towel.

“Officer Thomas never said sorry, never said it was an accident, never said that he called for help or was going to call for help, never asked if Ava was OK, and never asked if he could check on Ava,” she added.

On June 19 2015, officer Jonathan Thomas was responding to a separate call in the same neighborhood when Andrea Ellis accidentally cut herself.

Andrea’s sister Kelly called 911 screaming, “she’s bleeding all over the place! I need a paramedic!”

Kelly then noticed officer Thomas a few houses down and cried to him for help.

When Thomas approached their home, one of their family dogs allegedly ran towards him, although the Ellis family recounts a different version of events.

Thomas shot at the dog, but the bullet missed it and struck 4-year-old Ava in the leg instead, shattering the bone.

The bullet ricocheted after hitting Ava’s leg, …

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