Oliver Stone: DNC Leak an Inside Job

From Kurt Nimmo, Blacklisted News Exclusive:

Christiane Amanpour was incredulous.

Film director Oliver Stone refused to accept the narrative Vladimir Putin and the Russians are responsible for the DNC hack and are stealthily attempting to subvert the election and deny Hillary Clinton a victory.

“I think it’s a great fiction,” Stone told the CNN host. “It serves a purpose to disguise what is really going on. The intelligence experts that I have talked to indicated to me that it’s probably an inside job.”

“An inside job from where?” asked Amanpour.

“From the Democrats, from somebody who has worked at the committee—”

“Hack themselves?” Amanpour interrupted.

“Well, I’m telling you I can’t go into all that information, but the point is haven’t we missed the content of what has been revealed?” said Stone.

Buried beneath the propaganda offensive launched by Democrats and the establishment media blaming the Russians for the hack—an accusation now presented as fact minus substantial evidence—is the possibility the documents were exposed from within the DNC by a disgruntled staffer angry over the DNC’s push for the nomination of Hillary Clinton and the underhanded subversion of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

But there may have been a more nefarious objective behind the release of the documents.

Anthony J. Ciani suggests the DNC leaked the documents as part of a scheme to attack rival Donald Trump by linking him to Vladimir Putin. “The Democrats could have released these documents themselves. A small amount of damage to make it appear as though a powerful enemy is against them and for Trump,” Ciani writes. “It seems dubious that the Russians had anything to do with leaks about Democrats, and we have well-founded hypotheses for the real perpetrators.”

According to the government and the corporate media, the hack …

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