On three-day bus tour, Clinton hopes to woo blue-collar voters away from Trump

From The Washington Post:

“We know that if we’re smart about it, we can bring back jobs from China and other places,” Clinton said at the start of a three-day bus tour of those up-for-grabs states.

She and her running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine (Va.), also laid out a string of attacks on Republican nominee Donald Trump. His populist, blue-collar appeal has capitalized on a trend that has seen more lower-income and lower-educated whites turning away from national Democrats, setting up a battle in key states for what was once the working-class soul of the Democratic Party.

At an earlier rally in Philadelphia, Clinton mocked Trump’s signature promise to “make America great again,” telling a crowd at Temple University: “He doesn’t make a thing in America except bankruptcies.”

Trump, meanwhile, tore into Clinton and others who spoke at the Democratic National Convention this week in an angry series of tweets Friday morning, deriding Clinton’s speaking style and accusing her of lying about his positions. He also called former New York mayor Michael R. Bloomberg — who spoke forcefully against Trump at the Democratic convention — “ ‘Little’ Michael Bloomberg” and “a disaster.”

“Crooked Hillary Clinton made up facts about me, and ‘forgot’ to mention the many problems of our country, in her very average scream!” he wrote in one tweet.

In a video posted on Instagram and Twitter, Trump also suggested that former president Bill Clinton fell asleep during his wife’s acceptance speech Thursday night. In another tweet, he said that the “dishonest media didn’t mention that Bernie Sanders was very angry looking during Crooked’s speech,” referring to the senator from Vermont who was vanquished by Clinton in the primary contest.

In Philadelphia, Clinton said that it was “kind of overwhelming” to become the first woman to head a major …

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