People are freaking out over a spooky photo of Mike Pence’s family (PHOTO)

From RT:

Pence shared what initially appeared to be a normal photo of his family enjoying a meal while on the campaign trail in New York – only there was something very strange about it.

Busy weekend in NY! Enjoying a quick dinner with the family at @Chilis. Looking forward to getting back to Indiana.

His daughter Charlotte appears to make no reflection in the mirror behind them.

Pence and his wife Karen’s reflections can both be seen, but Charlotte’s is non-existent.

@mike_pence@Chilis – Where is the reflection of the woman in white? Does Chili’s cause people to become vampires?!

@mike_pence@Chilis sir I don’t mean to be rude but your daughter might be a vampire just sayin

@mike_pence@Chilis The woman has no reflection. Explain.

@arktictoc@mike_pence@Chilis Vampire

While the non-existent reflection could be explained as a visual trick, and his daughter is small, her curly hair can’t be seen in the reflection either.

@mike_pence@Chilis so we just gonna act like we don’t see that his daughters reflection Is not in the mirror 😷🤔

No one has explained yet why Pence’s daughter doesn’t appear in the mirror. It’s really strange!

@fmanjoo is it a mirror? Maybe there’s another very similar family that is also running for vice president at the table next to them

One possible explanation given was that she was photoshopped into the image.

@camilleregan@fmanjoo She was shopped in (I’m guessing) to improve his family cred. She probably doesn’t speak to him in real life!

@fmanjoo@typesfast@mike_pence@Chilis sorry guys here is the unedited actual version of this photo. :/

@fmanjoo@myecoll@mike_pence@Chilis She was mortified to be seen with …

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