Physics Doesn’t Care Who Was Elected President

From Scientific American:

This information has made his supporters happy and his detractors furious. This information also matters not one iota to the climate.

Climate change does not care about the law of the land in the U.S. It cares about the laws of physics. Trump can change laws in the U.S. He can’t change them in the atmosphere.

In the coming months, there’s going to be a lot of speculation about what’s in store for the U.S. when it comes to climate policy at home and abroad. Here’s a reminder of the climate change impacts we’re already dealing with, and what we can expect. It’s not an exhaustive list, merely the most clear, obvious impacts based on simple realities of physics. The world will have to take heed or deal with the consequences on society.

Carbon dioxide passed the 400 parts per million milestone. Permanently

This was the year carbon dioxide passed the 400 ppm threshold. It’s largely a symbolic threshold, but it’s one that serves as a reminder that our fossil fuel addiction has caused carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to increase 42 percent compared to pre-industrial levels. And it’s at the root of everything that follows.

2016 is going to be the hottest year on record

That comes on the heels of a record hot 2015 and a record hot 2014. The world has warmed about 1°F compared to pre-industrial times.

Extreme weather events have become more likely

A warmer atmosphere can hold more water, fueling heavy downpours. Climate Central’s weather attribution looked at two notable extreme rainfall events this year—Louisiana’s epic rains in August and France’s deluge in May—and found climate change made them more likely. You can expect …

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