Police across the country are being equipped with ‘Christian’ facial recognition cameras

From Blacklistednews:

Soon, cops across America will be wearing body cameras equipped with facial recognition software.

Watchguard Video (WGV) claims their new “Redactive” software will enable law enforcement to identify anyone. (WGV is really, Enforcement Video LLC)

Redactive quickly scans the entire video clip first, automatically recognizing faces, so the user [officer] spends much less time manually performing the task.  

Police cameras automatically identify everyone’s face

Redactive’s advanced facial recognition technology automatically detects and identifies human faces, minimizing the elements of the video which are falsely detected as human, thus reducing the overall time spent manually searching and marking the video for redaction. Users begin the redaction process by instructing the software to auto-detect any face in the video.  Once auto-detection is complete, the software allows the user to select and redact the face or faces throughout the video.

6,000 spying law enforcement agencies and growing

WGV boasts that 1/3 of America’s police departments (6,000 law enforcement agencies) use their cameras. Currently, there are more than 18,000 state and local law enforcement agencies in the United States.

“We’ve been a WatchGuard customer for years and we are anxiously awaiting delivery of 110 VISTA WiFi Cameras,” said Don Dixon, Chief of the Lake Charles Police Department.

How long, before every law enforcement agency in America is equipped with facial recognition cameras?

Nearly 1 Million spying cops in America

According to the Skeptical Libertarian there are close to a MILLION cops in the U.S. Think about what’s happening.

Soon, America will have 18,000 law enforcement agencies and a MILLION cops using facial recognition software!

How long before firefighters are equipped with facial recognition cameras?

In Modesto, California firefighters are being equipped with heat-resistant helmet cameras.

Similar in style and technology to the body-worn cameras many police departments use, their function within fire departments is quite different.

Police body cameras can be used for training but …

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