Political Correctness Confuses these College Kids

In this very under-sensationalized video, one can see an apt example of the confusion that Political Correctness has brought to our country. These college kids are, for the most part, unable to find the mental framework in which they feel it is allowable to tell a self-proclaimed “short white guy,” that is is not a 6’5″ Asian Woman. Many of the responses contain congratulatory remarks, apparently signifying the student-aged adults’ perceived willingness to accept such an account.

As Werner Heisenberg so eloquently stated; “We have to remember that what we observe is not nature herself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.”

It is only an assumption that these college students would offer similar responses, had they not been put on the spot. However, making a recorded account of ones opinion must still carry some weight, lest we all backpedal into unaccountability. Many are aware of the heated national debate which is currently taking place surrounding bathroom access for individuals which identify as a gender other than that which is specified on their birth certificates, or biological sex.

Intelligent young adults are unable to look a short white guy in the face and tell him that he isn’t a 6’5″ Asian woman

It may be safely assumed that many of these college students have formed an opinion largely based upon those which have been circulating the media. Namely, opinions related to gender identities. This is fairly evident in the easily accessible answers when asked about the man’s gender or race.

These college students seem stumped when asked about the height and age issue however, as that is clearly not part of a national debate.

This video, evident of little more than the dynamics of communication between a single interviewer and a handful of college students, illustrates one point fairly clearly. The fear of being politically-incorrect is able to harbor such a sense of confusion that intelligent young adults are unable to look a short white guy in the face and tell him that he isn’t a 6’5″ Asian woman.