Rep. Schiff: Trump ‘doing damage merely by running for office’

From Politico:

Donald Trump might not yet be president, but the Republican nominee is already “affirmatively doing damage” to the United States simply by running for office, ranking House Intelligence member Adam Schiff declared Thursday.

“It’s really quite astounding. I think it is what happens when you nominate a reality TV performer to be the potential commander in chief and what I find so unprecedented about this campaign is that usually people wait until they’re in office to effectuate their policies and either do good or do damage. This candidate is affirmatively doing damage merely by running for office,” Schiff said Thursday at a POLITICO event in Philadelphia moderated by Editor Susan Glasser.

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Schiff was addressing in particular the Republican nominee’s comments Wednesday inviting Russia to look into Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 deleted emails after hackers, believed to be from Russia, breached the Democratic National Committee’s more sophisticated servers. Trump later said the comments were “sarcastic.”

But Schiff said Trump’s dangerous comments weren’t limited to hacking.

Trump “is signaling to Putin as well as our allies that he may very well support the repeal of the sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, that he may look the other way and not honor the obligations under the NATO treaty if he were to invade the Baltic nations or Poland,” Schiff explained. “These are astounding things for any major candidates to say, particularly coming from the so-called party of Reagan, but I think they have real-world impact now.”

Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), who sits on the Foreign Relations Committee, remarked upon the “publicly reported, strong, forensic evidence to suggest that the DNC emails were released by WikiLeaks were in fact, hacked, secured for them by Russian intelligence, by cyber actors closely affiliated with two different cyber …

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