Republican National Convention begins with ‘Make America Safe Again’ theme

From The Washington Post:

The quadrennial confab where Donald Trump is expected to be officially nominated for president will be four days of speeches, meetings and parties that officially gavels in at 1 p.m.

For Trump, the convention comes at a crucial time. He is trying to put weeks of distracting feuds and staff turnover behind him and demonstrate to the country that he is the best-qualified candidate for the White House.

On Monday morning, he touted the facilities where the convention will be held — and said that he was planning to make an unscheduled appearance later in the day to see his wife speak.

“I’d love to be there when my wife speaks. So the answer is yes. I will be there,” Trump said on Fox News Channel.

Trump said organizers spent “so much time building the center and it got built properly. It’s beautiful. It’s really one of the most beautiful I’ve seen of its kind and we’re very proud of it.”

He also lobbed some political attacks at President Obama, accusing him of being a “great divider” and causing “tremendous divide in this country.”

For the city of Cleveland, the convention will be a test of its ability to maintain order and safety at a time when tension and deadly violence has erupted between police and African Americans across the country in recent weeks.

Nearly 5,000 delegates and alternates are gathering in Cleveland, which hit by stormy weather Monday morning. The convention will also host about 15,000 credentialed media, organizers said.

Each day of the convention will feature a unique theme. Monday’s theme is “Make America Safe Again,” a twist on Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again” motto. The day’s speeches are expected to underscore national security, immigration and foreign policy …

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