Republican National Convention: Trump allies slam GOP holdouts hard

From The Washington Post:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said it was “unacceptable” for former candidates who pledged to support the eventual nominee to hold out now. Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort targeted Ohio Gov. John Kasich and the Bush family, who are skipping the convention.

Meanwhile, a renegade group of Republican convention delegates claim they have the support needed to force a vote on the convention’s rules, a move designed to embarrass top party officials and Trump on the first night of the party’s nationally televised meeting.

The broadsides from Trump allies, which drew some swift rebuttals, came on the sidelines of the convention, which officially gaveled in Monday afternoon. Trump is expected to be officially nominated for president at the quadrennial confab, which will feature four days of speeches, meetings and parties.

“Certainly the Bush family, we would have liked to have had them. They’re part of the past. We’re dealing with the future,” Manafort told reporters Monday morning, according to the Associated Press. Manafort said on MSNBC that Kasich was “embarrassing his state” by skipping the convention.

Christie reminded Michigan Republicans that as a candidate for president, he and other GOP candidates pledged to support the eventual nominee.

“It is unacceptable to me and it should be unacceptable to you that anyone who signed that pledge is not now adhering to that pledge and supporting our party’s nominee,” said Christie. The governor, who is now a staunch Trump supporter and surrogate, didn’t call anyone out by name.

As White House hopefuls, Kasich and former Florida governor Jeb Bush pledged loyalty to the eventual nominee before later backing away. So did Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.). Like Bush and Kasich, Cruz has not endorsed Trump. But Cruz is speaking at the …

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