Russia will not face a blanket ban at the Rio Olympics

From The Verge:

Today, the International Olympic Committee said individual sports federations will be responsible for barring Russian athletes from this summer’s games in Rio. The ruling comes just 12 days before the start of the games, and the call is now left to the 28 federations that oversee individual sports at the Olympics.

The decision follows a report released earlier this week that confirmed a state-supported Russian doping program. While the IOC Executive Board has deferred the decision to the individual federations, they have taken a firm stance on the participation of Russian athletes. Stating that each athlete bears some collective responsibility for their country’s actions, the board ruled that the nation’s athletes will be barred from each of the 28 sports, unless certain criteria are met:

The IOC was under pressure from over a dozen national anti-doping organizations to issue a blanket ban on Russian athletes, The New York Times reported. And on July 22nd, Russia was banned from competing in the Paralympics after 35 doping violations were found among Russian Paralympians; these violations had been hidden by the Russian sports ministry, the Times reported.

In its statement, the IOC noted that the IP Report didn’t point directly at the Russian Olympics Committee as an institution, but made the determination that all Russian athletes looking to attend the games were “considered to be affected by a system subverting and manipulating the anti-doping system.” Because the IP report hadn’t comprehensively examined the data due to the amount of time available to its authors, the IOC decided that its results should not be restricted to the 20 sports highlighted in the findings.

“Under these exceptional circumstances,” the IOC said in the statement, “Russian athletes in any of the 28 Olympic summer sports have to assume the consequences of what amounts to a collective responsibility …

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